Connecting in Harmony


smart software designed specifically for you

The Technology

All of our technologies share the same root principles that serve as the foundation of its operation. When combined, these principles make your business smarter, safer, more efficient and more attractive.

API Driven

Our API allows for robust, scalable and flexible integrations, allowing for you to promote your business, accept payments and manage your operations seamlessly. The API’s customizable mainframe keeps your identity unique while also preventing the hassle of having to dig deep into code to do so.


We adhere to the strictest measures to protect user accounts, payments and cyber security to keep your business 100% secure. Your customer’s payment information is never at risk. Our payment processing providers adhere to the most strict security standards in the industry, including Level 1 PCI DSS Compliance (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner’s Club from any country). Personal customer information is also never at risk and is only accessible by you.


Our dashboard allows for you to maintain data integrity, develop intelligent reporting and spend less time training; meaning more time for you to become more innovative.


Our servers are strategically configured so that we may provide the fastest web service for the businesses and customers of the countries that we service. We provide the fastest upload/download and site navigation processing times and least amount of downtime of any service supporting the country. This means more time for you to be productive.


We eliminate manual administrative processes required for you to complete a customer transaction. This prevents manual errors and allows for quicker turnaround time; meaning more transactions for your business.

User Interaction

Our expert designers provide you with a collection of easy to navigate and customize user interfaces that become all your own.


We have the largest portfolio of photo, video and written content in every country that we support. All of this content is available for use by you.


The Markets


We spend years learning the government infrastructure and business environment of the countries that we service so that we may meticulously design each component of our technology to tailor to your needs.


Since 2013, Beyul has built software that provides expert solutions for Bhutanese businesses, Bhutanese individuals and foreign parties conducting business with Bhutan. Having established Bhutan’s first online international payments gateway and built other technologies to support its tourism industry for the Bhutan National Bank, 350 of Bhutan’s 600 active tour operators — and many more international agencies — are already registered members of Beyul’s software.


Our Partners

Meet our extended team.


Servicing millions of companies in over 120 countries, Stripe is one of the world’s most prominent online payment processing systems. Beyul’s partnership with Stripe further ensures our commitment to service secure, reliable and fast payments worldwide.