Connecting in Harmony


a collection of products to optimize business performance

The best platforms own their user experience from end to end.


Online Payments Service

Payments URL

Send payment links to your customers and partner agencies and accept payments instantly from any country from most any form of payment. You may customize the URL payments and confirmation pages to display your company logo; creating a secure, easier and more friendly experience for your customers to make payments.

Automatic Disbursements

Electronically disburse your funds to the appropriate beneficiary parties. No longer do you have to go to the bank to make these disbursements manually.

Management Dashboard

Manage all transactions in one centralized location. Know where your money is at all times — be it from the office or at home.


Builder for Businesses

Website Builder

With little to no coding, build a website from a platform that was specifically designed for your country and your industry. Source from your country’s largest portfolio of photo, video and written content to make your site the most aesthetically appealing in the industry. No longer do you need to hire developers to build or support your website.

Enhanced Communications portal

Track, manage and assign all customer leads and deals using our dynamic communications and management portal. This centralized portal allows for you to remain more organized, receive customer contact notifications on demand and collaborate more efficiently with your colleagues.

Integrate Online Payments

Connect your online payments service to your newly created website to accept transactions in real time and eliminate sales and customer support turnaround time.